Get an Advance on Your ERC Refund​

1st Capital Financial’s ERC Bridge Financing allows you to access cash upfront for your ERC refund, so you don’t have to wait on the IRS. Submit an ERC Financing Form online to get started.

No Upfront Cost, Commitment, or Impact on Credit ¹

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Up to 85%

Value of ERC Refund 2

Industry's Best

Rates, Selection, and Terms

72 Hours

Pre-Approval Time 3
The valuation of your ERC claim must be $75,000 or higher. There is no cap on the amount that can be financed. Rates and terms may vary.

Skip IRS Processing Delays with ERC Bridge Financing

Put your ERC refund to use now and get access to the best ERC financing rates, selection, and terms available in the industry.

Easy Application Process

It takes just four minutes and some basic information to get started, and we’ll guide you through every step of your application from there.

Fast Turnaround on Funds

Get a pre-approval decision in as little as 72 hours and have your funds deposited the same day you accept your ERC financing offer.

Industry-Leading Support

We'll help you determine your fit for ERC Bridge Financing with complete transparency and work with you to secure the best rate and terms.​
Overview of ERC Financing

What Is ERC Bridge Financing?

ERC Bridge Financing, also known as “ERC Advance Funding,” allows you to finance or sell a portion of your ERC refund to access the balance right away.

At A Glance

Relatively Easy to Qualify
Lower Capital Cost Than Traditional Financing
No Additional Collateral Requirements
ERC Bridge Financing is suitable for most business purposes.

Use Cases

Pay for Operational Expenses
Examples include inventory, marketing, payroll, and rent.
Reward Employees
Jump Start Growth Initiatives
Cover Cash Flow Gaps and More
Use Cases for ERC Financing

What Can ERC Bridge Financing Be Used For?

Types, Features, and Benefits of ERC Financing

Types of ERC Financing We Offer

ERC Bridge Loan

An ERC Bridge Loan allows you to borrow a portion of your ERC tax refund while paying interest-only remittances until the IRS issues your checks.​
Most Popular

Key Features

72 Hours

Pre-Approval Time

As Low as 2%

Interest Rate

Until Refund Is Issued

Repayment Term

ERC Buyout

An ERC Buyout allows you to sell a portion of your ERC refund in exchange for a percentage-based fee with no interest and no repayment term.​

Key Features

1-2 Weeks

Pre-Approval Time

No Interest

Interest Rate

No Repayment Term

Repayment Term

Requirements for ERC Financing

Is ERC Financing Right for You?

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There are some prerequisites you should consider before applying for ERC Bridge Financing.

At A Glance

Pending ERC Refund With the IRS
Amount must be $75,000 or higher.
Minimum Credit Score of 500
No Tax Liens or Judgements

How to Apply for ERC Financing

Our ERC Financing Application Process

Start Your ERC Financing Application Online

(Time to Complete = 4 Minutes)
Provide some basic details about you, your business, and your ERC claim using our four-minute ERC Financing Form.

Connect With Our ERC Financing Team

(Time to Complete = 10 Minutes)
We'll contact you to discuss the documentation needed to complete your application and answer any questions you may have.

Get Approved for ERC Bridge Financing

(Time to Complete = 48-72 Hours)
We'll begin processing your application as soon as we've received all the necessary documentation and get you an approval decision in as little as 48-72 hours.

Accept ERC Bridge Financing Offer and Receive Funds

(Time to Complete = Same Day)
We'll provide you with your final ERC Bridge Financing offer(s) to review. Once accepted, your funds will be deposited into your account.

The Nation's Best Source for ERC Loans and ERC Buyouts, Period

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Committed to Your Business's Success

As a leading authority, we empower you with the most up-to-date information, insights, recommendations, and our shared experience.​

Proven Track Record with Employers​​

In addition to our coveted financing solutions, we have helped recover billions of dollars from COVID-19 relief programs like the PPP and ERC.

Leaders in All Things Small Business​

1st Capital Financial’s small business financing solutions and employer services have become force multipliers for business owners and entrepreneurs.


Small Businesses Served Since Before the COVID-19 Pandemic

$10 Billion+

Financing and Tax Refunds Recovered by 1st Capital Financial and Its Affiliates

30+ Years

Industry Experience Serving Small Businesses and Employers

FAQs About ERC Financing

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

No. There are no limitations on how qualifying employers use the funds they receive from ERC funding options (i.e., ERC Advance Loans or ERC Buyouts).

Yes, ERC loans are secured against employers’ anticipated ERC refund amount. Personal guarantees may also apply depending on the viability of employers’ businesses, creditworthiness, and other factors.

Pre-approvals can take as little as 24 hours, but the time it takes to receive funds for an ERC Buyout or an ERC loan is closer to one to two weeks. ERC Buyouts can be faster. Turnarounds are primarily determined by applicants’ responsiveness to requests for documentation or information and lenders’ capabilities.

Lenders’ requirements for ERC Advance loans and ERC Buyouts vary but generally include the following:

  • Satisfy the IRS’s ERC Eligibility Criteria
  • Proof of IRS Form 941-X Report Submission(s)
  • Minimum ERC Refund of $75,000 (ERC Buyout) or $100,000 (ERC Advance Loan)
  • Operating Since February 2020 or Earlier
  • Minimum Credit Score of 500 (ERC Buyout) or 600 (ERC Advance Loan)
  • No Tax Liens or Judgements

The IRS will include accrued interest when issuing employers’ ERC refunds based on the dates the refund amount applies and their processing time. This IRS-paid interest accounts for the time value of outstanding ERC balances with the agency.

Still have questions? Give us a call at +1 (833) 317-8227.
There is no upfront cost, commitment, or impact on credit to apply for ERC Bridge Financing online with 1st Capital Financial. Any fees associated with 1st Capital Financial’s services will be explained in writing and subject to client’s approval beforehand.
Actual percentages will very based on credit worthiness, the chosen lender, and other factors. 1st Capital Financial has partnered with multiple lenders so that the company can offer greater flexibility and coverage to its ERC clients.
The timeline to receive funds will vary based on client responsiveness, lender capabilities, and other factors. Not all 1st Capital Financial’s lenders are able to approve funds in 72 hours.
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Stop Waiting, Start Applying

Apply for ERC Bridge Financing today so you can start putting your payroll tax refund to use.

Important Notice

Due to processing changes made by 1st Capital Financial’s affiliate(s), the company’s SETC Self-Service Platform will be suspended for new clients effective April 11, 2024.
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