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Financing Products Your Small Business Will Love

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Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit gives you access to a certain amount of money, which can be borrowed, repaid, and borrowed again (i.e., revolving credit).

Key Features

Financing Amount
Interest Rate
48 Hours
Fastest Funding

Business Term Loan

A business term loan provides small business owners with a lump sum of cash that is paid back on a fixed schedule over a set period (i.e., a loan "term").

Key Features

Financing Amount
Low as 6.00%
Interest Rate
72 Hours
Fastest Funding

Commercial Loan

A commercial loan is a debt-based financing option made to a business to fund the purchase, development, or construction of commercial property.

Key Features

Financing Amount
Low as 6.25%
Interest Rate
30-45 Days
Fastest Funding

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is a loan option offered to small business owners who need hardware, vehicles, or machinery to operate and scale their businesses.

Key Features

Up to $5M
Financing Amount
Low as 4.99%
Interest Rate
48 Hours
Fastest Funding

ERC Bridge Financing

ERC Bridge Financing, or an ERC Advance, which includes loan and buyout options, allows businesses to access up to 85% of their ERC refund without waiting on the IRS.
Most Popular

Key Features

Up to 85%
Value of ERC Refund
Rates, Selection, and Terms
72 Hours
Pre-Approval Time

SBA Loans

SBA Loans are partially guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), with lower interest rates and more flexible terms than conventional loans.

Key Features

Up to $5.5M​+
Financing Amount
Low as 6.5%
Interest Rate
30-60 Days​
Fastest Funding

Tax Services Your Small Business Will Appreciate

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ERC Filing Service

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was introduced under the CARES Act to incentivize employers to keep employees on payroll during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Limited Time

Key Features

Up to $26,000 per Employee
Incentive Value
Q2 (2020) - Q3 (2021)
Time Period
April 15 (2020 and 2021)
Filing Deadline

R&D Filing Service

The Research and Development (R&D) Credit is a tax incentive that rewards businesses for developing or improving their products, services, and processes.

Key Features

5-15% of Qualified Expenses
Incentive Value
Every Year
Time Period
No Deadline
Filing Deadline

SETC Filing Service

The Self-Employed Tax Credit (SETC) refers to the provisional sick and family leave tax credits for self-employed individuals introduced under the FFCRA.

Key Features

Up to $32,220 per Individual
Incentive Value
Q2 (2020) - Q3 (2021)
Time Period
April 15 (2020 and 2021)
Filing Deadline

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Resources To Inform Your Small Business

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FAQs About 1st Capital Financial

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

1st Capital Financial is the leading authority for small business financing and tax services. We employ an extensive partner network, over 30 years of industry experience, and a client-centric approach for thousands of businesses each year.

1st Capital Financial’s team is dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs secure the funding best suited to their needs and circumstances. We have partnered with over 200 banks, non-banks, and private investors to offer our clients greater flexibility and better rates. Our financing products include:

  • Business Lines of Credit,
  • Business Term Loans,
  • Commercial Loans,
  • Equipment Financing,
  • ERC Bridge Financing,
  • Invoice Factoring,
  • Merchant Cash Advances,
  • Private Money Loans,
  • and SBA Loans.

Yes, 1st Capital Financial welcomes all business owners and entrepreneurs, regardless of their credit score. If conventional lenders have turned you down due to a poor credit history, we encourage you to call us. We are honest and transparent with all our clients about their options.

The sooner you connect with our financing team, the sooner we can process your application. Approval and funding timelines will vary by product, lender, and other factors.

If timing is a concern, though, let us know!

The basic eligibility requirements for most SBA loan programs involve each of the following:

  • An Acceptable Personal or Business Credit Score
  • A For-Profit Business Status 
  • A U.S.-Based Location and Operations
  • Adherence to the SBA’s Business Size Standards
  • A Qualified SBA Industry
  • A Qualified Owner
  • Owner Support and Funding

Having trouble finding the answer to a question? See our FAQs page.

Additional Resources to Aid Your Small Business

We’re continually expanding our resource offerings for our clients. Check back soon for more updates.

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